Our Success Rate

ASV has a fairly good success rate – approximately 60 – 70% of residents are fully rehabilitated ie are able to lead a normal life and join the main stream of society; get employment, marry and have their own families. 20 to 25% are able to independently take care of themselves and engage in part time work; 10 – 15% leave before completing their treatment.

Unique Features

We collaborate closely with the client and family to design each person's program individually and activities are arranged to respect individual needs and interests. We use only optimum dosage of medication. We believe that people with mental illness can be taught to be aware and take responsibility for themselves, hence we need them to be less sedated. Because of this we use innovative methods when management becomes a problem & are not quick to hospitalize them. Therefore, we are able to accommodate residents from an acute phase to full recovery. Our staff resident ratio is almost 1:1

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What makes us different

2Clients say it best:

“ASV are the kind of people that make you see the sun where you once saw the clouds! Thank you for being these kind of people in my life; for loving me as I was so that I could love me, as I am. Thank you” – MK, Client

“ASV is a great place for residents and the parents. For many years, I had been seeking all over Europe & India for a place like this. The staff are all very professional and caring. They use very innovative techniques which help our children in the best possible way. I feel my daughter is in the right place at the right time in her life. She is safe & secure. Their therapies are tailore-made according to the pathology of each resident.  Everything is possible at ASV & I thank the entire team for their commitment & dedication” – MT (Parent), France

“ASV is a beautiful place for people suffering with mental illness.  From my personal experience, I found the psychologists and therapists to be loving, caring & understanding.   Till this day I continue to be in touch with ASV & see their good efforts to help heal lives. I take this opportunity to thank all at ASV, especially my mentors, who stood by me through tested times.  May God continue to bless ASV – all past and present staff & kids” – KU, Client.

ASV has always been close to  my heart ever since I entered its portal in November 2009.  The structure of this Therapeutic Community (TC) extols these three concepts. They are: reasonability, functionality and  responsibility.  The staff works in tandem with the kids(as every  mentally ill patient is called)to create a bonding or attachment between the two. The structure which is the backbone of the TC has made me to be – a transformed person who worked with my illness to create a better tomorrow.

I was trained to think through my therapy-whether group or individual. My constant interaction made me aware and mindfull. Every schizophrenic who is a part of the TC is made to realize their duty towards recovery – to help oneself and help others.

I, for one, would like to add that my personal experience can be summated by saying “Probe into your strengths and weaknesses – work towards your recovery by following the structure to the last word”  – Namratha Nagaraja, Client

“I heard about ASV from a counsellor in Mumbai and I was delighted to meet Father Nunn who was extremely nice to accept my son Nicky. Nicky made changes at ASV because of the care and counselling there. Nicky is a different person now and all the thanks goes to Athma Shakti Vidyalaya” – Mrs Chawla, Parent