Our Success Rate

ASV has a fairly good success rate – approximately 60 – 70% of residents are fully rehabilitated ie are able to lead a normal life and join the main stream of society; get employment, marry and have their own families. 20 to 25% are able to independently take care of themselves and engage in part time work; 10 – 15% leave before completing their treatment.

Unique Features

We collaborate closely with the client and family to design each person's program individually and activities are arranged to respect individual needs and interests. We use only optimum dosage of medication. We believe that people with mental illness can be taught to be aware and take responsibility for themselves, hence we need them to be less sedated. Because of this we use innovative methods when management becomes a problem & are not quick to hospitalize them. Therefore, we are able to accommodate residents from an acute phase to full recovery. Our staff resident ratio is almost 1:1

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Chief Clinical Psychologist

usah finaloMrs. Usha Srinath

M.Phil (Clinical Psychology) at NIMHANS, Bangalore in 1970 – Thesis: Reminiscence in relation to neuroticism  arid personality &  M.A (Psychology) at University of Mysore, with specialization in Counseling and Guidance.

Areas of specialization: Diagnostic  testing,  interpreting  the  data  and  writing  clinical  reports  for  residents  and outpatient clients who are referred for psycho-diagnostic testing. Is specialized in intensive psychotherapy, utilizing therapeutic community support, in the treatment of severe mental disorders such as: Schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorders, Borderline personality disorders, Anxiety and Neurotic disorders etc. Therapeutic interventions used – Reparenting methods adopted by Schiff school of reparenting, Transactional analysis, Cognitive remedial training, Psycho- physical exercises to integrate body and mind and Behaviour modification techniques & Neuro-linguistic programming etc

International Professional Activities:

  1. Consultant Psychologist,  Community  Health  Service, Hampton,  Virginia,  USA,   I987-89 Award for best contribution in the field of mental health.
  2. Conducted  a workshop  on “Reparenting  methods used  in Athma  Shakti Vidyalaya” at Cathesis School, Hannover, Germany, June 1995,
  3. Visiting  Psychologist at “Connect”-  a  Therapeutic community,  Birmingham,  U. K., June 1995
  4. Guest Lecture at Stanford Medical School, California, USA. “Role of therapeutic community’ in the treatment of mental disorders”, Aug. 2006
  5. Conducted workshop on  ‘Treatment of borderline personality disorders in a therapeutic community’ at Research centre for integrated socio-therapy, Rome, Italy 2009

Has had extensive experience in the use of objective personality tests like MMPI, 16 PF, MPQ etc. and projective tests like Rorschach Ink blot test. TAT. Sentence completion test etc. Wechsler Adult Intelligence scale and Wechsler Intelligence scale for children for assessing strengths and weaknesses. Total commitment to clients and believes in involvement with client families to enhance success in treatment. A firm believer that attachment bonding and involvement are essential in curing people suffering front mental illness.